The NAM takes to the Airwaves, v. 16

By September 25, 2005General

radiotower.jpg With the confirmation of John Roberts to the Supreme Court inching toward certainty, hurricane recovery legislation will likely dominate the congressional agenda for the next few weeks. But there are other important pieces of legislation in the works, too, and a pair of Capitol Hill correspondents will tell us about them. Then, the “Factory Floor” segment introduces us to the new executive director of the American Small Manufacturers’ Coalition. Also, last Sunday’s indecisive election in Germany raises many questions about leadership and needed economic reforms in that country. A German journalist joins us with analysis of what it all means. Then finally, Congressman Charlie Norwood of Georgia makes a passionate case for his “secret ballot protection act” he says his bill would eliminate intimidation by union organizers. More on that topic to come this week.

Remember it’s available in Podcast for those of you hip enough to know what that is. If not, don’t worry, it’s available to listen just with your ears by clicking here.