The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v. 14

By September 12, 2005General

radiotower.jpgIt’s that time of week again, time for the NAM weekly radio show. On the fourth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks you’ll hear a discussion of the relation between 9-11 and the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Then, NAM VP of Government Affairs Fred Nichols provides us with an update on the heroic generosity of manufacturers relevant to Katrina relief efforts. There is a conversation with NAM energy & environment guru Keith McCoy and economist Dave Huether on the impact that Katrina will have on energy prices and the economy. Later, NAM Senate lobbyist Jim Neill talks about the upcoming Roberts hearings and finally, you’ll hear from small manufacturer Rob Freese who makes the worlds most trusted structural fire suits worn by first responders everywhere.

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