The Clean Hands Doctrine

By September 23, 2005General

While the mainstream media (MSM) tells you what they want you to hear, the power of the blogosphere is that we deliver the news you need to know, that the MSM will ignore. Case in point: In a study released today by the American Society of Microbiology in honor of “Clean Hands Week“, researchers found that while 91% of all adults said they always wash their hands after using public restrooms, just 83 percent were observed doing so. “Observed”, as in “secretly”. God knows what else they saw. A few whoppers from the study:

— Of the 83% of washers, a gender gap emerged: 90% of women washed their hands while only 75% of men did.
— The gender gap was greatest in New York’s Penn Station (running to catch a train….?) where 92% of women washed their hands compared to only 64% of men.
— The cleanest place was San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal Farmers Market, where 88% of all people washed their hands.
— The worst (dare we say “dirtiest”?) place was Atlanta’s Turner Field — named for Braves Owner and CNN founder Ted Turner — where a full 37% of men did not wash their hands. Ick.

Would anyone care to comment on any of this? Ought there not be a Bipartisan Commission?