The Blogometer: What’s the Buzz?

By September 23, 2005General

Just a quick shout-out to Bill Beutler of the National Journal’s popular “Blogometer“. Bill’s not only a good writer and a good guy, but also a very thoughtful guy. He’s up while most of us are sleeping, scouring the blogs for content and writing his column every day. It is quickly becoming a “must read” for the opinion-makers around town, to see what the buzz is around the blogosphere. Bill’s been kind enough to give us an Honorable (?) Mention a time or two. We just wanted to say thanks and give credit where it is due.

And if it isn’t already part of your daily diet, do check out the Blogometer. It’s well worth the read. What you read there you will see in the papers — or on TV — the next day.