Sen. Reid Opposes John Roberts

By September 21, 2005General

After a Democratic Caucus luncheon yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid took to the floor in a rambling monologue to announce his opposition to the nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice. Saying he had “too many unanswered questions” (this after 510 questions asked of the nominee over 22 hours), Reid concluded that he had to resolve his doubts “in favor of the American people”, presumably the same people who support Roberts’ confirmation by a wide margin.

He concludes in the end that Roberts has just not “satisfied the very high burden that would justify my voting for his confirmation.” It is fair to ask Sen. Reid exactly what Judge Roberts might have shown him that would have earned his vote.

Please weigh in with the Senate Judiciary Committee if you’ve not already done so, urge them to confirm Judge Roberts.