Roberts Update

By September 23, 2005Miscellaneous

OK, so today, Judge Roberts’ nomination was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee not along party lines, but rather in a fairly lopsided 13 to 5 vote, in the face of overwhelming public support for his confirmation. Some Senators are reading the polls, some are shoring up their base. Democratic Senators Leahy, Kohl and Feingold joined all the panel Republicans in supporting the nomination. (Don’t forget to weigh in with your Senators on this most important vote, likely next week.)

Also tonight, Sen. Clinton announced her opposition to Roberts. In a statement that praises his “intellect, character and legal skills” she concludes that she just can’t bring herself to vote for him. She acknowledges that he’ll likely be confirmed, which is all the more puzzling why she’d use up this bullet at this time. By doing so, she joins a cadre of the most liberal Senators, including two failed Presidential candidates, Kennedy and Kerry. An interesting (if not a bit puzzling) move on her part. Why wouldn’t she join the bandwagon here, move to the center and live to fight the next nominee?

Congrats again to Senator Specter who did just a masterful job as Judiciary Committee Chairman, fighting against some enormous personal odds, herding all the cats, ruling with an iron but gentle fist, shepherding through the confirmation of the next Chief Justice of the United States.