‘Reports of the Death of American Manufacturing are Greatly Exaggerated…’

By September 12, 2005General

Things have been so busy around the blog corral this last week that it has taken us a full week to post this excellent article from last week’s New York Times. Yes, the end of the world is near. You’ll probably never see those words together on this blog again: “an excellent article from the New York Times.” This one is by economic and sometimes manufacturing reporter Lou Uchitelle, entitled, “If You Can Make it Here“. It is required reading for anyone who cares about manufacturing.

Early in the article is its stated thesis: “Reports of the death of American manufacturing are greatly exaggerated.” It goes on to note that — measured as value-added — the US accounted for almost a quarter of the world’s manufacturing output in 2004. For reference, Japan is second at about 21% and China is third at almost 9%.

It tels the tale through NAM member and great American manufacturer Harley-Davidson, and names a number of NAM members throughout the story. It really is worth reading, is very bullish on manufacturing and our future. We offer it as a little bright spot amidst all this hurricane coverage.

Here’s the link to the article.