One Good Plug Deserves Another…

By September 3, 2005General

A few press hits to mention. Got a nice quote in this weekend’s (i.e., Friday’s) USA Today Labor Day story by Jill Lawrence, who found us through the blog. Also talked to Steve Greenhouse of the New York Times today, who’s writing for the weekend on the same topic. He didn’t find us through the blog, has known us even before the blog existed, before time began.

Also got a nice plug from our friend Richard McCormick of Manufacturing and Technology News. If you don’t get this publication (and you care about manufacturing), you should. Richard was kind enough to let us post it here for free, so our blog readers could download a copy and decide whether or not to subscribe. The blog mention is on p.13 (OK, so we weren’t exactly front-page news, but we’ll take it). The M&TN is read by lots and lots of manufacturers large and small. Richard is diligent and is a real fan of manufacturing, is very passionate about it and that comes through.

So here’s a copy of the most recent edition. Give it a read. We think you’ll agree that it’s worth subscribing. Subscription info is on the last page.