NAM Board Meeting Update: Education Secretary Margaret Spellings

By September 29, 2005General

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings kicked off the proceedings yesterday at the NAM Board meeting in Washington. And, she did not disappoint. She’s a great speaker and delivered a message of part fear, part hope, but ultimately a hopeful call to action. She mentioned, among other things, that of 9th graders, 5 out of 10 minority students will not finish high school on time — or at all — and 3 out of 10 students overall will not finish on time or at all. She quoted the President, calling it “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” It truly is a national disgrace. Under the No Child Left Behind Act — which the status-quo-obsessed NEA loves to criticize — Spellings said that there has been more progress in test scores in the past five years than in the 30 previous years combined. Hard to argue with results like that, no? Minority student test score in early grades stand at an all-time hight. How can that be called anything but progress? Why isn’t this being touted on the Nightly News?

She really did a great job, was well-received by this room full of manufacturers, the biggest end users of the products our schools are turning out. And we do most of the recall work, too, so folks were interested.

Here’s a link to a video of her excellent speech yesterday.