More Urgent Items Needed for Katrina Victims

By September 14, 2005Miscellaneous

Here’s an updated list of critical items needed by the Department of Homeland Security to aid the recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast:

Utility/Telephone Poles

Electrical Structures


Electrical Substation Equipment

Cots and Portable Beds


If you have any of these items, please use the National Emergency Resource Registry to let the feds know you have them and are willing to sell or donate them. Please also e-mail Fred Nichols at the NAM as well.

You can also call the newly-established Department of Commerce Hurricane Relief Call Center, announced today by Commerce Secretary Gutierrez at 1-888-4USADOC or 1-888-487-2362. It has been established to help private sector contributions reach those who are in need.

Thank you. Manufacturers continue to be at the leading edge of relief efforts and we’re proud of them all.