Katrina’s Impact on Trade

By September 13, 2005Miscellaneous

Here’s an interesting paper worked up by our trade experts, VP Frank Vargo and economist Chi Nguyen, on the impact on trade of Hurricane Katrina. What this data does is measure the amount of merchandise trade that comes through the Port of New Orleans and the New Orleans Customs District. We’re not sure how much of it has been disrupted yet or how much is successfully being diverted, but we can tell you how much is handled through there.

For example, the New Orleans Customs District in 2004 handled some $36.8 billion of US exports and $78.8 billion of imports. There are more ag products than manufactured products moving through there, but there are still a fair amount of manufactured products included as you’ll see on the attached chart, including $3 billion of integrated circuits and micro assemblies exported in 2004.

As for imports, almost 100% of zinc ores come through New Orleans as do 92% of manganese ores and concentrates and 76% of pig iron.

In any event, here’s the link to the report and its 6 detailed tables.