Katrina: Help with Workforce/Workplace Issues

By September 19, 2005Miscellaneous

The Hurricane has caused so much heartache and displacement that it is just staggering. Along the way, it has disrupted so many lives and jobs. It has sent people scurrying for unemployment benefits and left a number of employment issues in limbo. Our first-rate Human Resources Policy Department here at the NAM has compiled a very thorough compendium of useful information on the whole range of HR issues arising from the Hurricane and its aftermath. From the waiver of I-9 sanctions to OFCCP waivers to the Davis-Bacon waiver and the latest on unemployment compensation, it really is a treasure trove of information. It also as links to our new NAM/Monster Jobs bank as well as the the Katrina Recovery Job Connection and to America’s Jobs Bank.

Here’s a link to this excellent resource.