Hurricane Katrina Update

By September 7, 2005Miscellaneous

Resources, materials and money continue to pour into the hardest-hit areas from America’s manufacturers and it is just overwhelming to see. NAM President John Engler sent out an e-mail to all NAM members last night, first and foremost thanking them for their efforts, but getting down to a little business as well.

First and foremost, we are asked repeatedly by the press and various policymakers what the hurricane’s impact on manufacturers has been. We sent out this survey for manufacturers to fill out and return. Already the response has been great. We’ll have some good data to share.

Second, we sent the list of priority items (listed below) and once again, about the time we hit “send” we started getting calls and responses from manufacturers of these items. Americans really reach out to help other Americans in need and once again, manufacturers are without peer and lead the way.

Finally, we have a link to resources. What kind of resources? Well, if you want to contribute or you’re in need, you should go to this site. It has a link to the Red Cross and to a housing site. There will be a job site very soon. There are also resources for manufacturers to navigate through the aftermath of the hurricane, resources that will ease their ability to check on their plants or to get into hard-hit areas. There is information on there about filing for unemployment and disaster unemployment claims as well. NAM members are welcome to avail themselves of all these resources.

Last but not least we have established an Honor Roll of manufacturers — and these are just the ones we know about. There are hundreds more stepping up to the plate, but it’s just unbelievable to scroll through this list and see what manufacturers large and small are doing. We will continue to keep you posted, will publish the results of our survey as soon as we can tabulate the results.

We’re always proud to be associated with manufacturers, but this week, we’re prouder than usual.