Happy Constitution Day!

By September 17, 2005General

Today is Constitution Day, when we celebrate the 218th anniversary of that wonderful and near-perfect document. The law that created Constitution Day requires all schools that receive federal funds — and all agencies in the Executive Branch — to teach about the Constitution on this day. Hmmmm…. Maybe they ought to expand this to the other two branches as well.

In any event, this is so timely, falling as it does during the John Roberts hearings. Here is a man sworn to uphold the Constitution as is and not to wander off into legally adventurous territory.

This day we also salute the Founding Fathers. Their intellect and enormous foresight is visible every day. This great document has been tested so many times and has proven its durability in ways they could never have imagined. We honor them this day and the wonderful document they produced.

Here’s a scan of the original Constitution (thank God Nicholas Cage rescued it!) from the Archives, and here’s a link to the text. Take a while today to read it all again, let the freedom soak in.