Friday Follies: Who Copped the Copper Clappers?

By September 30, 2005Friday Follies

Friday FolliesNo sooner had we posted last week’s Friday Follies that one of our 5 regular blog readers, John Merdian of Chillicothe, Illinois (“Where the Rails Cross the River”), sent us this item, a 1968 classic out of the Johnny Carson archives. For those of you who were hopeless Carson fans — or even if you only watched the tribute shows — you have no doubt seen this bit a dozen times. We can’t count how many times we’ve seen it, but it had been a while. It’s a famous routine with the dead-pan Jack Webb (as Officer Joe Friday of “Dragnet” fame) with Carson doing a quick back and forth alliteration. How either of them stayed in character is beyond belief.

It might be that it’s not that funny to anyone under 25, but for the older blog readers among you, it’s still good. For you young ‘uns, just chalk it up to TV history.Click here for the video.