Friday Follies: Everybody Sing — F-M-L-A!

By September 9, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgAs you faithful blog readers know, the blogger-in-chief was out in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin last month, speaking to a conference of HR professionals. It was a great and friendly group, and the b-i-c was ranting about this ‘n that, talking about how the FMLA –a law that started out with pure intentions — has wandered far from its roots. A law that was supposed to cover “serious medical conditions” within about a year was being used for the common cold. A law that began to allow folks to take time off for the birth or adoption of a new baby quickly burgeoned into one that now sees about 80% of people use it for themselves. Allowed, certainly, but not exactly where we started.

So in any event, we were safely ensconced back in the cozy environs of the cave when we got a very funny e-mail from one of the nice people who were kind enough to suffer though our remarks. They attached these lyrics, written by Glenn Dillard, to a song entitled simply, “F.M.L.A.”. It is sung to the tune of “Y.M.C.A.”, a song very popular with blog readers everywhere, by the ever-popular Village People: Eric, Felipe, Alex, David, Ray and Jeff. And, before we offend just about everybody, these lyrics are in jest, they are intended to be funny. They will be hilarious to HR professionals, while others may stare blankly at the screen. No matter — we support the FMLA, comply with it every day, but it’s just, well, a little wacky. And some folks totally take advantage of it. There, we said it. And, we would never stoop so low as to call it the Far More Leave than Anticipated Act or the Friday-Monday Leave Act, no sirree. Nev-er.

So anyway, download the lyrics here, find the tune on your own (we have it on 8-track in the Gremlin), and sing out, sista!