Friday Follies: BlondeStar

By September 23, 2005Friday Follies

Thanks to former Capitol Hill intern extraordinaire Sarah Prichard for this one, arrived by e-mail yesterday, just in the nick of time for Friday Follies. It bumped a lame piece we were getting ready to post, so we were really glad to see it.

As you know, OnStar (if we had that registered trademark thingy we’d put it right here), the safety and security system, is yet another of the great innovations from a great American manufacturer, General Motors. Who can forget those spellbinding commercials of the white knights from OnStar being there in times of need to rescue folks from all manner of calamities? Our hats are off to General Motors for this great innovation, for their ingenuity and for all its beneficial impact.

BlondeStar is something similar, but very different. In this audio/video clip, you’ll see a blonde in true distress, calling the BlondeStar operator for help. He ends up talking through her crisis, so don’t worry: it has a happy ending.

Apologies in advance to all you blondes out there, but this one made us chuckle. Click here to see this one-minute clip.