Friday Follies: Bert Is Evil

By September 16, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgBertOK, this one’s a little creepy, but some of it made us laugh out loud. It came courtesy of the blogger’s apprentice, who found this God knows where. The site is simply called “Bert is Evil“, and it places Ernie’s friend at the scene of all kinds of depravity. This kind of reminds us of the Letterman routine we mentioned in an earlier post, where he placed Joe Garagiola at the scene of every major disaster.

This one begins ostensibly with Bert’s mug shot from the San Francisco PD, and we must admit, Bert’s looking a little sketchy, definitely angry. Then there’s “The Evidence” and “The Evidence, Part II”, for a gold mine of Bert detritus, his apparent slow decline into the dark side. WARNING: Some of this is a little R-rated, but there is plenty that’s just fine for the whole family. One photo places him on the grassy knoll and in a police hat behind Lee Harvey Oswald as he is shot. Another has him prominent throughout the O.J. Simpson trial. “The Evidence, Part II” includes Bert with Osama bin-Laden and Bert caught on film advising Saddam Hussein. Who knew?

Jeez, you think you know a guy….