‘Confirm John Roberts’

By September 19, 2005Judicial Nominations

Time to grab your duct tape, bottled water and MRE’s and head for the hills. The Washington Post has endorsed John Roberts’ nomination for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Sometimes when witnessing a profound event, words fall short. On those occasions, one can only stand back and let the event unfold. Yesterday was one of those times, so here goes.

In its lead editorial yesterday, under the simple heading, “Confirm Judge Roberts”, the Post said, in part:

John G. Roberts, Jr. should be confirmed as chief justice of the United States. He is overwhelmingly well-qualified, possesses an unusually keen legal mind and practices a collegiality of the type an effective chief justice must have. He shows every sign of commitment to restraint and impartiality. Nominees of comparable quality have, after rigorous hearings, been confirmed nearly unanimously. We hope Judge Roberts will similarly be approved by a large bipartisan vote.

Here is the link to the full editorial. It is really well done, and recommended reading.