Chief Justice Roberts

By September 6, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsIt is by now well-known that the President has nominated Judge John Roberts to be the next Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. it is by now well-known that we have endorsed Judge Roberts (the first business group to do so) according to an established set of criteria. We will work tirelessly for his confirmation.

Following Chief Justice Rehnquist is a daunting task, but we believe that Judge Roberts has the temperament and intellectual wattage to do exactly that. He is a brilliant and even-handed jurist who understands business and who will apply the law, not be an adventurer. With this comes certainty and with certainty comes less litigation. At the end of the day, that’s good for all manufacturers.

And speaking of Back to School, the Senate comes back to school today as well, back in session after a long hiatus. We trust they will move with all due speed — after properly mourning Justice Rehnquist’s passing — to confirm Judge Roberts in time for the Court’s term to open on the first Monday of October.