Bravo The Washington Post

By September 25, 2005Judicial Nominations

Yikes! Did we just say that…?

The Post continued its support of all things Roberts — and disdain for all partisan hijinx related to the nomination — in an excellent editorial Saturday entitled, “The Right Vote“. They credit the 3 Judiciary Committee Democrats — Leahy, Feingold and Kohl — for supporting the Roberts nomination, while noting that it shouldn’t be necessary to praise them for doing so. “Supporting overwhelmingly qualified members of the opposite party for the Supreme Court,” says the Post, “Used to be the norm, not an act of courage.” They go on to observe — and lament — that “liberal groups” have already announced their opposition to the next nominee, as the Post says, “regardless of qualifications, temperament or testimony.”

As the Roberts’ nomination moves to the full Senate floor this week, let’s hope more Senators heed the Post’s words and put partisan politics aside in the interest of a qualified nominee.

And, if you haven’t already weighed in with your Senators, please do so by clicking here.