Bravo Senator Lincoln

By September 25, 2005General

Here’s a shout-out to Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR). Although she’s still undecided on the John Roberts’ nomination, we hope she’ll join Arkansas’ other Senator, Mark Pryor (D) in supporing Roberts.

No, the reason for the kudos today is that she gave the Democratic response to the President’s weekly radio address today. In it she said that “A renewed spirit of public service may be the greatest legacy of the destructive back-to-back Gulf Coast hurricanes”, concluding that the hurricanes will unify the country.

It seems that the evidence is plentiful of people banding together from all walks of life to work in unity to rebuild — that is, everywhere but in Washington. “In the end,” she said, “We must let that renewed spirit of selfless service be Katrina and Rita’s greatest legacy.”

We not only applaud her optimism, we echo her hope. As for Washington, the Hurricane will most certainly pull us together — unless, of course, it splits us apart.