Barbra Streisand, Climatologist

By September 26, 2005Global Warming

Into the storm — no pun intended — that is Katrina and Rita’s wake, comes no less an expert than Barbra Streisand. In an interview with ABC’s Dianne Sawyer to promote her upcoming CD with Barry Gibb, she veered off course and declared a “global warming emergency“. Maybe the waves are getting too close to her seaside estate, not sure. “For the United States not to be part of the Kyoto treaty is unforgivable” said the singer, ignoring for the moment that this was a pretty lopsided (i.e., 95-0) vote in the US Senate, including many recipients of her largess both direct and indirect.

In any event, her global warming claims seem to contradict — among others — the head of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Max Mayfield, who said on Face the Nation yesterday that the hurricanes can be explained “without invoking global warning.” Not to pile on but in Sunday’s New York Times (not generally a Conservative rag), Donald G. McNeil, Jr, in an op-ed in the “Week in Review” section echoes Mayfield’s point, noting that hurricanes happen in “a cycle that oscillates in decades.”

Still, mark our words: Barbra’s weighing in with a totally uninformed comment will of course garner more attention than that of any — dare we say?– informed scientist.

If only those scientists could sing — like butta.