Back to School with America’s Manufacturers, v.1

By September 5, 2005General

backtoschool.jpgAs regular blog readers know, there is not area of American life untouched by manufacturers. Tomorrow here in the Washington area, public schools will open. This week, we will post one item a day about how manufacturers play a role in getting everybody back to school and ready.

Today we start at the beginning, i.e., getting on the bus. Not only do we make the buses, but Cummins, Navistar, and Johnson-Matthey, three good NAM members, play a very critical role in all of this. School buses are expected to run cleaner and longer, with less maintenance, less downtime and lower costs, which is where these folks come in.

Cummins manufacturers the diesel engines used in school buses. Their ISB engine is not only quieter, it has improved fuel economy and has the lowest emissions of any diesel engine in its class. (Go to the head of the class, Cummins!)

Navistar not only makes bus engines, but they have joined forces with the National PTA to create the “Be Cool. Follow the Rules” school bus safety campaign. Distributed throughout the school year, these potentially life-saving materials assist both student and parent training. Navistar makes available public service publications such as a bus safety rules card, a school bus driver’s guide to safer driving and a bus safety poster in English, Spanish and French.

Johnson Matthey retrofits hundreds of older school bus engines to reduce exhaust pollutants like particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) by over 90 percent. All keeping your kids safer and making the environment cleaner, thanks to the innovation of American’s manufacturers.

Watch this space tomorrow for another installment of “Back to School with America’s Manufacturers.”