What a Day!

By August 11, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsWhat a day yesterday was. Sorry for the paucity of postings, but the blogger-in-chief was busy with his day job. What an historic day for the NAM, as John Engler said, the first time we’ve weighed in on a Supreme Court nominee and the very first business group to do so with John Roberts. We are privileged. When you think about how many manufacturers care about legal reform, when you realize how many cases the Supreme Court will deal with that have a direct impact on manufacturers, it makes you wonder why the press obsesses over a few social issues.

Speaking of the press, Birnbaum’s piece ran in the Post, guessing right, but guessing nonetheless. David Kirkpatrick’s piece did not run in the New York Times, but we’ll write a whole chapter on it if it ever does, because it’s based on a mistake of fact, an error that he knows to be an error. Let’s just hide here in the weeds ’til it runs then we’ll have a big ol’ “gotcha!” kinda day.

At yesterday’s press conference,

C-SPAN televised it live. CNN was there, as was Fox (the ones with the big ratings), NBC and Bloomberg TV. So was the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press, Barron’s Reuters — 30 reporters in all and about another dozen onlookers, including one from the lefty People for the American Way, a misnomer if there ever was one. They wanted to see what the competition was doing. We will win this fight.

It was just unbelievable on a Wednesday in August, when you can get a seat on the Metro, when you can get from Fairfax County, Virginia to downtown DC in minutes in rush hour (a normal one hour-plus trip), when this is a ghost town, the entire press corps turned out to our press conference. It was really gratifying. They were mostly very constructive, asked really good question, all of which Engler fielded expertly.

Go to Google News and type in “Roberts” and “Engler” and you’ll see all the coverage from the event. It really was overwhelming, and that’s before the echo kicks in, the pundits and the analysts writing and talking about what it all means.

What it means is here comes the rolling thunder known as the manufacturers, the folks who brought you the energy bill, class action reform, bankruptcy reform and CAFTA. We have the most active membership of any trade association in the Nation. They’ve done this before and as Engler said today, we expect they’ll do it again. And, Engler called on other business associations, starting with the Council of Manufacturing Associations, to join us in pushing for Judge Roberts’ confirmation in time for him to join the Court the first Monday in October.

As they say down in Alabama, “Roll, tide!”