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By August 1, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchThanks to a mention in today’s Washington Post by Howard Kurtz (we knew he was working on a story, see below), no doubt we’ll see a little uptick in traffic. Kurtz’ topic is our little back and forth with Lou Dobbs. (OK, there’s not been much “forth”, only “back”).

New readers can click over on the left on the “Dobbs Watch” link or just look for the icon here in any of the entries below. Or, to make it real easy, you can just click on dobbswatch.com where we’ve stored all these entries. All roads lead to the blog, as you’ll see.

As for the substance of all this, it just strikes us that Dobbs is Louie One-Note. He does the same story day in and day out and it is very tiresome: trade is bad and immigrants are bad. We disagree with him on both counts.

On trade, he loves to rail against those faceless “multi-nationals”, but a perusal of this blog — or the facts — will show that most of our exporters are small and medium manufacturers, and most of whom are in our membership. Some 15,000 export to CAFTA countries alone. And, contrary to his rants, trade agreements don’t cause trade deficits in that 90% of our manufacturing trade deficit is with countries with which we have no trade agreement. Facts, as we say very often ’round here, are stubborn things.

On immigration, we are a nation of immigrants. We’re all for legal immigration, but Dobbs’ aim gets a little fuzzy some times. As we’ve pointed out here, he doesn’t look Native American to us, meaning he’s from immigrant stock himself. He ought not be so focused on pulling up the ladder. We are a nation of immigrants, it’s what makes us unique, what makes us great.

As for the personal stuff, yes, we call Lou “xenophobic”, but that’s defined as “fear or loathing of strangers or foreigners”. Any argument? And, as we noted below, has anybody read the Washington Post lately….? Finally, this is the blogosphere, after all.

So thanks to Howard Kurtz for the mention and welcome to you new readers. This is a manufactures blog about issues affecting manufacturers (except Friday Follies and whatever else might strike us), it’s a community of manufacturers. Hope you’ll join the discussion, join the fray.