Wednesday Poster of the Week: Do They Look Like Manufacturers to You?

By August 24, 2005Miscellaneous

johnson.jpgDo these folks look like manufacturers to you? Well, they do to us. It’s Kellie and Gary Johnson of Ace Clearwater Enterprises in California. Ace Clearwater is a manufacturer in Torrance, California that builds complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries. As if you didn’t already think manufacturers were cutting edge, you should check out their website which is very cool. It even includes a picture of Kellie with the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It also has an “Ace Cam” where you can view Ace employees at work.

Kellie has been such a leader on so many issues, from getting Kiss interested in manufacturing to the R&D Tax Credit. We profiled her a little while back in Leadership magazine.

In short, Kellie and Gary epitomize what’s great about manufacturing: they are innovative, aggressive, smart. Oh, and did we forget hip?

Yeah, they’re hip, too. Whaddaya expect? They’re from California!

Click on the image to enlarge it. Surf’s up!