Three — or Four, or Five, or Ten — Strikes and You’re Out!

By August 3, 2005General

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmiero yesterday was suspended for ten whole days for violating Major League Baseball’s get-tough “Twenty-Four-Strikes-or-Thereabouts-OK-Maybe-Just-A-Few-More-But-In-No-Case-More-Than-A-Hundred-And-You’re-Out-OK-Just-Suspended-For-A-Short-Time-And-This-Time-We-Really-Mean-It” policy. No manufacturer would jeopardize the safety of their workers with a policy that was such a joke. Loyal blog readers will remember that back in January we wrote about this very subject.

Hey, maybe if lawyers started suing baseball teams for fielding players who have an artificial advantage, things would start changing. Maybe Peter Angelos, owner of the O’s — and plaintiff’s lawyer extraordinaire — will get the ball rolling by suing himself! Believe us, if there was money in it, he’d do it.