The Week Ahead ‘Round the Blog Corral

By August 29, 2005General

As we fire the last shots into August and the summer of 2005, this will be a fairly busy week. We will be releasing our annual Labor Day Report on Wednesday morning. There will be some interesting stuff in there, of that we are certain. (We’ve seen it.) We’ll post a thing on here this week about a few former environmental activists who have seen the light and have come over to the side of right and might, i.e., our side. You don’t hear much about them, so we’ll help in that regard. We’ll also toss in the Wednesday Poster of the Week. We’ve seen that one, too. It’s a good one, a vintage version. And there will be at least one “Report from America”, from the City of Brotherly Love.

On Tuesday, the AFL-CIO will issue its annual poll on the attitudes of American workers, so we’ll be ready to comment on that. We have entered the realm of the near-victory with these guys, as they have no more victories, it seems, to crow about. So every year, they release these ridiculous polls showing ever-escalating numbers of workers who really, really, really want to join a union — 50%, 60%, 70%, maybe even 99% this year. To them we say, “Bully!”, In other words, “God bless you, have at it.” If the numbers are really that high, then why the heck don’t they stop issuing press releases about how popular they are and start stemming the hemorrhage that is their membership numbers? It’s a head-scratcher to us, we admit. We’ve not seen this year’s study but if the last 20 are any indication, it’ll either be a river of gloom and bad news about the economy and the state of the American worker, or great good news about how much workers love unions. Either way, it’s a re-heat of old stuff and spells no end to their declining fortunes.

Stay tuned, should be an interesting week.