The Wednesday Poster of the Week

By August 3, 2005Miscellaneous

Poster of the WeekThis week’s poster is a bit unique in that it’s not from the vintage NAM collection nor is it one of the ones featuring our small manufacturers. This one we just ran across on the Internet, but we thought it was a great and timeless message, made all the more so by Lou Dobbs’ nightly rants against immigrants. Any of his so-called allies who are of immigrant stock (reporters, you know who you are) should hang your heads in shame. Don’t let your parents know. There were people around like him when our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were trying to gain a toehold in this country. They hung signs that said things like “Irish Need Not Apply”. Fill in your own ethnicity, see how it feels.

So in any event, here’s a billboard from that era with a refreshing message that maybe — just maybe — is as timeless as the others we’ve shown. (Doesn’t “Wont You Help Them Become Citizens” sound a mite better than, “Send ’em Back!”…?) And, as with all great things, it came from New Jersey.

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