The Saturday Video: Watch Glass Being Made

By August 6, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

OK, did anybody guess what product we’re featuring in our video this week? Remember, it involved sand. Hmmmm…. Let’s see how manufacturing-literate all you blog readers really are…

This week’s 7-minute video comes to us courtesy of PPG, a great NAM member company and great American manufacturer. They are not only a leader in manufacturing but they are a leader in involvement, in driving the manufacturing message, and in involving their employees in carrying the manufacturing message to their elected officials. In short, just an all-around great company.

So here’s their video, a little animation but a lot of good, high-quality video of the glass-making process. Did you know that glass was actually the first product manufactured in the US, in Jamestown in 1607? Did you also know that the blogger-in-chief once toiled in a glass factory? Ah, the things you find out on a blog.

Put your feet up, shake the sillies out and enjoy the show!

And, just click on to see the library so far.