The Saturday Video: Behold the Lowly Fastener

By August 13, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

This week’s video comes courtesy of Hill Fastener Corporation of Rock Falls, Illinois. This is a pretty neat 7-minute video of the process of making fasteners from steel coil. It’s incredible when you realize that some of the tolerances are to the .0001″. And, these are parts that are being made at the rate of up to 225 pieces per minute! Makes you realize just how good our manufacturers really are.

“What’s a fastener?”, you might ask. Fasteners are any of a wide variety of mechanical securement devices and assemblies, including nails, screws, cleats, clips, and bolts, which may be used to secure various components of a roof assembly. Make sense? In short, think about something you own or care about, rely on, like a car or a home appliance or your house, an airplane. It is held together by fasteners. Like we said yesterday, try to get by without ’em.

Thanks again to Hill Fastener Corp. for the video. Click here to view it. It’s hot as Hades on the East Coast today. Just sit back in your air conditioned comfort and enjoy the show. And, if you want to see more, just click on