The Real Problem

By August 4, 2005General

Remember a few days back when we teed up the week ahead, we promised that we would “post a slide, a graph describing what the real problem is out there, the real problem our country and our economy faces. And, it’s something on which all can agree”?

Well, the time has come. With all the sturm und drang out there, all the finger pointing, all of Lou Dobbs’ misplaced focus on trade and on immigrants, there is but one issue on which we should all focus our attention. It is something that the far left and far right can agree on, is an issue that Andy Grove, among others, is working on, as are we at the NAM. Take a look at at this slide, stare at it for a while, and understand where the real problem lies. And, all the tariffs and border police in the world can’t fix it. It is uniquely ours to solve.

We have our work cut out for us, no?