The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v.10

By August 7, 2005General

radiotower.jpg It’s Sunday, and you know what that means: go to church, read the paper, watch the “Cool Stuff Being Made” video again and tune in to the NAM radio show, “Manufacturing America’s Future“. This week’s show features two reporters from The Hill, one of the leading Capitol Hill newspapers, talking about all the stuff that passed this last week before Congress began its recess. There’s a real live small manufacturer — Fletcher Smoak of Old Viginia Brick — talking about the recently-passed energy bill and its (positive) impact on him and HR Policy VP Sandy Boyd talking about an important FMLA case pending in Federal Court. (Another reminder of why we care about who serves on the federal bench.) OK, so there’s also a commentary by the blogger-in-chief based on an earlier blog entry on the “CAFTA 15“.

Thanks to Darren McKinney for another great show this week.