The Fruits of Labor’s Split, v.4

By August 22, 2005Labor Unions

This one comes to us courtesy of Peter List of NAEG, calling our attention to the first election that we are aware of where the recent AFL-CIO split became an issue.

The story by Nin-Hai Tseng of the Orlando Sentinel, describes an organizing drive by the SEIU and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers aimed at the city employees of Leesburg, Florida. City officials emphasized the recent split in the AFL-CIO, says Tseng, in attempt to dissuade the workers from voting for union representation. “Leesburg city officials played up the AFL-CIO’s recent shake-up” accoding to the article, “saying organizers could not possibly unite workers when they themselves are divided with different missions.” The unions lost the election with 114 votes against the unions and 52 in favor. Here’s a link to the full story.

Said one worker,”This old sorry union they’re trying to put here is not going to help us any.”

If it’s possible for John Sweeney to tarnish an already dismal legacy, it appears he has just done so.