The First Salvo is Fired

By August 12, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsA lefty group (that we won’t even dignify with a link) fired the first salvo today over our level-headed, reasoned and criteria-driven endorsement of Judge Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court. What was funny about it is that it was pretty thin gruel, in that it took no issue with his qualifications, even though they wanted to do so. All they could say was that we shouldn’t have endorsed him until unnamed “questions” about his civil rights record have been “resolved”.

Funny, we weren’t aware that there were any questions about Judge Roberts’ civil rights record. This is just more of the fishing expedition club, requesting volumes of paper until somebody says no. It’s fair to ask, isn’t it, whether they asked for the same torrent of paper from the last two nominees, Breyer and Ginsburg?

Didn’t think so.

So this is our first badge of courage. If somebody takes a shot at us, we must be doing something right. We are working for the confirmation of Judge John Roberts because he will bring predictability to the Supreme Court. As John Engler said, we’re not looking for somebody who’s biased (in favor of business) we’re looking for someone who’s predictable. For some, that’s apparently a little too much to ask.