Saturday Video: Nothing Runs Like A Deere

By August 27, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

This week’s video comes to us from the nice people at Deere & Company in Moline, Illinois, one of those great American manufacturing names. This is an 18-minute video touting their various combines (a huge farming machine, for you city folks). The step-by-step manufacturing action begins at about the 12 minute mark, but the rest of it is interesting for its description of these behemoth machines that are central to agricultural productivity.

And, did you know that agricultural exports equal some $60 billion/year, thanks to farm equipment like the combine? By the way, manufacturing exports are also $60 billion — a month! Yup, we export 12 times as much as the agricultural sector. Ain’t manufacturing grand?

In any event, sit back and click here to enjoy the show. Makes you want to run the combine over the front lawn. Like the man says, nothing runs like a Deere.