On China: Need Your Input

By August 17, 2005General

Time to turn once again to the world’s best manufacturers on the issue of China. We hear folks carp all the time about the many transgressions of the Chinese. However, it’s not always easy finding specific information. This is your chance.

Every year for the past four (since China joined the WTO), the NAM has delivered to the Office of the US Trade Representative a report on China’s compliance with its WTO obligations. We’ve always said we fought to get China into the WTO, now it’s up to us to make sure they comply with the full array of WTO obligations. The NAM report provides a great opportunity for NAM members large and small to highlight the highs and lows of their experiences regarding China’s WTO compliance. We’ve heard from member companies over the past year on issues like currency, counterfeiting, intellectual property violations, illegal subsidies and other issues.

If you have any specifics, now is the time to weigh in. Here’s a link to the notice issued by our International Trade Department and here’s a link to the form you should fill out. Note that names of companies will not be revealed in our report, so as to protect any proprietary information.

Armed with this information, we can make a difference for manufacturers. Unlike Lou Dobbs, we’re not carping at straw men, railing against trade to build ratings. We’re supporters of free trade and we’re doing something about it.

Deadline for comments is Friday, September 2.