By August 2, 2005General

Sorry to reach all the way back to Saturday (seems like a lifetime, doesn’t it?), but we just couldn’t resist: the Post had a headline, “Energy Bill Raises Fears About Pollution, Fraud”.

How’s that again? Raises fears among whom? The bill just passed a few days ago, for God’s sake. Who among the public is that astute to already have a fear of pollution from a dense piece of legislation? As it turns out, the fear comes from all the embedded groups in town who opposed the bill in the first place. (We guess “Sour Grapes” made for a less interesting headline). We wonder where the fear is coming from:

— This bill was truly bipartisan in both the House and the Senate;

— It authorized 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol to be made from corn;

— It’s the most comprehensive package of research and development programs for climate chance, natural gas, oil, coal, biomass,nuclear, you name it.

— The tax provisions encourage the purchase of hybrid vehicles and for energy efficient homes.

We wonder, if the tax incentives aren’t given to the people who consume energy and to the companies who manufacture energy, then who would one give the tax incentives to….? Environmental gadflies….?

For our part, we just want everyone to know we are without fear here at the NAM. We are far more hopeful that this long-awaited energy bill will bring new sources of energy and will encourage conservation as we had predicted throughout this multi-year battle.

And, it’s fair to ask of the folks who opposed it, what’s their plan?