Need Help Reading The Times?

By August 28, 2005General

OK, it’s Sunday and for those news junkies among us, this behemoth, this ten-pound lump of paper has landed on our doorstep. It is the New York Times, that straight-arrow, impartial, right-down-the-middle publication we all know and love. Sometimes it’s just daunting to pick it up and read it. We’ll admit to occasional ire upon reading — only every now and then, understand — when we see something that’s just way, way off course. This is rare for the Times, we know.

Well, any-hoo, we stumbled upon this site, The Annotated New York Times. It really is fascinating in that it has all these stories from the Times, but with running commentary from just plain folks and blog readers like us. So we’ll say have a good Sunday, enjoy your day. Maybe you’re reading the hometown paper — we hope so, for your sake. But if you are reading the Times, swing on over to this site and feel free to share your thoughts, or to see what readers are saying, unvarnished and unfiltered, the way it was meant to be.