More ‘Report from Hot Springs’ on the Way

By August 6, 2005General

The blogger-in-chief is in transit by buggy from Hot Springs today but will file another report upon arrival back at Corporate Supremacist HQ. Among the reports will be one on Charlie Cook’s observations on the elections of 2008 (he’s almost never wrong) and reports on some interesting speakers from yesterday. We heard from Yale professor Barry Nalebuff (a blog reader, by the way) on creativity and problem solving and were enlightened by a panel on globalization featuring some really smart people talking about various aspects of manufacturing, including biotech from Jim Greenwood of BIO and some usual wise comments from Dave McCurdy of EIA. In case we forget to mention it later, all the slides from the conference will be available on the Council of Manufacturing Associations website next week.

Watch this space later today and tomorrow for the final installments of “As the Hot Springs Turn.”