More Gloom and Doom from the AFL-CIO

By August 31, 2005Labor Unions

Well, Labor Day is upon us. And you know what that means? The traditional end of summer, return to school and more gloom and doom from the folks over at the AFL-CIO. This has got to be the gloomiest house in town. And, it’s not just the breakup that’s made them gloomy. They’re gloomy almost every Labor Day, wringing their hands about something. In a good economy, they can always find something to be gloomy about. It’s a gift they have. Every silver lining has a cloud.

So this year’s dosage of downers comes in their annual survey of workers — this year, some 800 workers — and their attitudes on various issues. Said Andy Sullivan of Reuters, the survey of workers “found widespread dissatisfaction with their economic situation, even as other indexes show rising consumer confidence and a more plentiful job market.” Exactly. Where do they find these people every year? In some gloomy town where the sun never shines, apparently. They should hire Ben Stein to deliver this report.

“Working families are in a deep and growing economic crisis”, said John Sweeney, fresh from putting his own organization in the tank. Maybe this has colored his outlook on everything else. Maybe these are AFL-CIO employees who are being polled.

Two fun things in there, however: a huge number said they are concerned about their retirement security, but this is the same organization that doesn’t see a crisis in Social Security. And, while only 30% gave a favorable rating to President Bush, only 21% gave a favorable rating to Congressional Democrats. This must be really disheartening to a group that’s poured like a hundred million dollars down the political rathole. Somebody call, “Do over!”

In any event, here’s a link to the Executive Summary of the study, here’s a link to the press release, and here’s a link to the study itself. Happy — uh, we mean gloomy — reading!