Judicial Watch: Big Day Tomorrow

By August 9, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsTomorrow there will be a press conference where NAM President John Engler will announce the results of our Judicial Review Committee’s (JRC) deliberations. You’ll recall that the JRC was selected prior to Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement, consisting of about ten lawyers from manufacturing (member) companies large and small. Their task is to evaluate the President’s nominee according to John Engler’s stated goal of finding judges who would interpret, not make, the law from the bench. This was an issue about which he was quite passionate during his 12 years as Governor of Michigan. He has carried that passion with him here to the NAM. The JRC has been very serious and deliberate in its work, setting out criteria by which this and future nominees would be evaluated and then doing the job of actually evaluating this nominee. Their decision will be announced by John Engler on Wednesday morning.

Once more, let’s review the bidding on why we care who’s on the Supreme Court: As it is, we cover two branches of government but not the third. Hard-fought victories won in the first two branches can be wiped out by the third. And, about 80% of a federal judge’s non-criminal caseload involves issues near and dear to manufacturers. Yet for too long, we’ve allowed these nominees to be viewed through a very narrow prism of social issues. The real question is why business hasn’t been involved before now.

Here’s a link to the press advisory that we sent out yesterday. The response and interest level is great. We will post the decision of the JRC here on the blog as soon as it is announced by John Engler on Wednesday.