JRC Decision to be Announced Today

By August 10, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsThis morning at 10 a.m. there will be a press conference at the National Press Club where NAM President John Engler will announce the decision of the NAM’s Judicial Review Committee(JRC) on whether or not to support the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

At this moment, while everyone can speculate, only a handful of people know the actual result. Any number of reporters called us today to try to pry the news out of us. That’s just good reporting. They wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t do that. None were successful, in the end.

However, some — like David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times and Jeff Birnbaum of the Washington Post — say they will run a story, guessing about our eventual outcome, in the absence of any confirmation from us. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Journalists ought not be in the business of guessing, should they….? Whatever happened to independent factual verification? Maybe the line between blogging and reporting is really getting fuzzy after all. We hope they’re just bluffing.

So watch this space any time after about 10 a.m. when we take out the guesswork and actually provide the facts about our decision.