It’s Raining Blogs!

By August 20, 2005General

Just when you thought the blogosphere had enough noise, that there wasn’t room for one more blog out there, here comes DC Mayor Anthony Williams with his own blog. CBS joined the fray a few weeks ago, figuring if blogs could beat ’em by bringing down Dan Rather’s career they oughta join ’em. And now Mayor Williams.

It’s worth reading if only for the comments.Our favorite is from “Lucy” who says, “Oh, yeah. This is will work. As soon as people start asking serious questions about the state of this city and its inept, overpaid employees, we’ll see how long comments stay ‘open.'”

We happen to think Mayor Williams is a pretty good guy who’s laboring mightily against some pretty strong odds and inertia to make the city work. He’s a wonk, but he’s a good guy and seems pretty earnest, trying to get the city to run on time and on budget.

However, for the sheer entertainment of it, we kinda wish this were former DC Mayor Marion Barry’s blog. Something tells us we might get a little more spice in the exchanges. We can imagine what he might say to poor Lucy, above, for example, one of his more famous lines as Mayor (use your imagination). We’ll give you a clue: it ends with “set me up”. On second thought, maybe we don’t miss him that much after all.

For all his bow-tied boredom, we welcome Anthony Williams to the blogosphere.