It’s Official: The NAM Supports Judge John Roberts

By August 10, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsJust moments ago, NAM President John Engler announced that the NAM would be supporting the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts to the United States Supreme Court. This is the result of the deliberations of the NAM’s Judicial Review Committee. The JRC first established criteria, then evaluated Judge Roberts according to those criteria. Their decision, said Engler, was unanimous.

Here’s a link to the NAM press release on the topic. Here’s a link to watch the video of the event and here’s a link to listen to a short audio interview (also in the podcast feed).

“With more Justices like Judge Roberts on the Supreme Court”, said Engler, “We can begin to reduce the exorbitant cost of our legal system that today consumes …an aamount that is more than 10 times as high as any of our trading partners.” He praised Judge Roberts’ intellect, experience, judicial temperament and understanding of the consequences of judicial decisions on business. Remember that some 80% of a federal judge’s caseload involves issues with direct impact on manufacturers: torts, contracts, employment law, etc., not social issues.

We will now begin to work earnestly for his confirmation the only way we know how: by putting our backs into it. We will go to our members, inform them of this decision and urge them to weigh in with their Senators, especially in key states. If past is prologue, they will do it in droves. This is exactly what we did on class action, bankruptcy, the energy bill and CAFTA, will do it again here.

This is big news. More details to follow, but wanted to get this posted ASAP.