Hurricane Katrina and America’s Manufacturers

By August 29, 2005Miscellaneous

We spent a bunch of time this past weekend — especially yesterday — like many others, just watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the wave that’s bearing down on the poor folks in New Orleans.

Looking through our prism of manufacturing, we allowed ourselves some cautious if righteous pride, however. All the technology of the new 21st-century war on hurricanes is driven by manufacturers. From the latest modeling software made by software manufacturers, to the satellites themselves, that our guys and gals make and the government is kind enough to launch into space, to the Hurricane Hunter planes, made with the latest and greatest manufacturing technology. And yes, we make the sandbags and the plywood and hurricane shutters, too.

We can’t stop the hurricanes, but we can be much smarter about them. Early warning is a life line. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Orleans, and we hope they can ride this out. However hard the impact of Hurricane Katrina’s impact might be felt, it would be worse without the constant hard work and innovation of American’s manufacturers. And, should she hit as hard as it appears she might, if past is prologue, the generosity of America’s manufacturers will help all the victims get back on their feet.