Help Stop Counterfeiting

By August 22, 2005General

One of the biggest issues facing manufacturers large and small is the piracy of their products and their intellectual capital around the world. Innovation is not only our life blood, it’s our competitive advantage in this country, as we still have the most innovative manufacturers in the world. We need to be vigilant to fight against counterfeiting and piracy where ever we find it.

To that end, we have two action items for you:

— First, check out the website of the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy. This is a business-wide coalition “Committed to increasing the understanding of the negative impact of counterfeiting and piracy by working with Congress and the administration to drive greater government-wide efforts to address this threat.” If you care about counterfeiting, you should join the coalition.

— Second, to that end, the OECD is trying to compile some data on the breadth and depth of counterfeiting. Here’s a questionnaire from the OECD. We’ll only caution you that it’s a little bit typical of OECD international bureaucracy, but you really only need to focus on pages 5-7, the actual questionnaire itself. It’s very important that you fill it out of you have a story to tell. Please take a look, join the effort to stop counterfeiting.