Got Lawsuits?

By August 25, 2005Briefly Legal

trial lawyers make me sickWashington DC Metro riders this summer have been treated to a poster campaign by a left-wing group intent on combating that scourge of society, lactose intolerance. The ad features a foursome of near-perfect racial and ethnic balance (only Aleuts are missing, near as we can tell) obviously in discomfort, racing to a unisex biffy. “Got Lactose Intolerance?” the ad screams, “Take Legal Action.” After you go to the bathroom, that is.

It goes on. “Do you suffer from symptoms of lactose intolerance?”, it asks. (We won’t list the symptoms, it’s too soon after breakfast.) “If so,” it says, “You may have grounds for a lawsuit.” What are they going to do, sue the cows? The ad notes that some 75% of people worldwide are lactose intolerant, noting/pandering that it’s especially common in people of color.

The ad is sponsored by a groups called PCRM, or the Physicians Committee for Responsible (other than this ad, apparently) Medicine. Their website is a neurotic’s nightmare, and an adventure in litigation, as they seem to be lawsuit-happy, filing suit on every issue real (but mostly imagined) under the sun. Can you imagine a group less likely to get in bed — or the bathroom — with lawyers than doctors? Doctors are a group second only to manufacturers in their appreciation of the destructive and pernicious effect of trial lawyers.

Who exactly is PCRM? ActivistCash says they are “a fanatical animal rights group that seeks to remove eggs, milk, meat, and seafood from the American diet.” (Remind us never to go to dinner at their house….) However — important caveat — “Less than 5 percent of PCRM’s members are physicians,” Newsweek wrote in February 2004. Guess it sounds better than “Fewer Than 5% Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.” Think of them as kinda a soy version of a real physicians committee.

In any event, their website for this ridiculous lactose adventure is Milk makes me sick? Y’know what makes us sick? Trial lawyers!

Hey, wonder what happens when you click on….?