Friday Follies: The Blogger’s Code

By August 26, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgSo much has been written about blogs as they have proliferated, and more than one commentator has objected to the bloggers’ seeming lack of ethics in the blogosphere. We take umbrage at this charge and point out once again that while journalists — who appear to be largely free of any ethical restraints at all — seem to detest blogs, in fact they rely on ’em, read ’em all the time.

In an attempt to keep the bloggers’ reputation one notch above that of working journalists (a low bar, you might say), we propose the following as “The Blogger’s Code”. Please click on “Comments” below to add any we may have missed:

1.) We will not post anything we know to be untrue unless it helps to build traffic to the blog.

2.) We will not use the blog to further any personal grudge or vendetta unless there’s an excellent reason to do so.

3.) We will not post anything based solely on a single source. We will verify everything with at least one other independent source unless doing so means losing the scoop on a really juicy story.

4.) We will not accept information from a source without checking their motives unless the information they give us appears to be an “exclusive”, or really, really excellent.

See? We have standards, we have ethics. We promise to follow these religiously and never depart from them — ever — unless we absolutely have to.

What have we missed?